PDC 2016 - What's Your Reason

PDC 2016 - What's Your Reason


The CSSE Edmonton Chapter believes that it is important to attend the CSSE Professional Development Conference; and as an event sponsor this year are extremely excited to see fellow members at the conference. 

Everyone attends for their own reason and so we asked a few people to share “what’s your reason for attending the PDC?” - read their response below. 




Savannah Eliuk, Raeleigne Van Patten, Corey Papp, Brenda Madley, Dellee Bradbrooke


Corey Papp – Edmonton Chapter Chair

“I absolutely love attending the PDC and each year I ensure that it is a part of my ongoing professional development plan. Each September I start to get excited knowing that I will soon see familiar faces and reconnect with acquaintances that I often see only once a year at this conference. I use the opportunity to seek out session topics that are less familiar to me so that I gain new learnings and return to the workplace with practical ideas and solutions. Building relationships and networking is a fundamental outcome of this great event and when it’s all said and done, I always walk away refreshed and rejuvenated with new ideas and friendships. I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver this September.”

Brenda Madley – Edmonton Chapter Vice Chair

"I attend the CSSE PDC to strengthen my network of safety professionals and for professional development: I listen to fantastic speakers, view atopic from a different perspective, and always learn something I didn’t before. The tradeshow is always great with innovative products available in Canada. I hope to see you there!"

Raeleigne Van Pattern – Edmonton Chapter Past Chair

"I attend the CSSE PDC as it is filled with people from my professional community. The conference allows me to learn, explore, network, meet new people and catch up with like-minded friends."  

Dellee Bradbrooke – Edmonton Chapter Treasurer

“I go to the PDC to keep current on what’s new and changing in the safety world. To listen to some great speakers, catch-up with those I only get to see once a year and to meet new safety professionals. All of these things help re-invigorate my passion in safety.”  

Savannah Eliuk – Edmonton Chapter Secretary

“I attend the annual conference for professional development  as well as the opportunity to increase personal contacts with other safety specialists. It is a great way to stay connected and learn about new and innovative ideas within safety. “

 Along with the executive team sharing their reason for attending, the regional and national level provided their reasons for attending as well:

Glyn.jpg  Glyn Jones - Regional Vice President Alberta, NWT & NT

“I attend the PDC to network. People think networking just means meeting up with colleagues and going out for dinner. Networking is much more than that. It is an opportunity to find out what others are doing in the field of occupational health and safety, to benchmark methods, and learn new perspectives on often old problems. For me the networking opportunity is my chance to "re-calibrate" my thinking and to give me a fresh start. It allows me to take everything I know and think about the safety field and look at it again through a new and slightly different filter.”


Peter.jpg Peter Sturm - Past President of the CSSE

“I attend the annual CSSE PDC since it is my time to rejuvenate, refresh and renew both personally and professionally. Rejuvenate: I get a chance on an annual basis the energy and drive to be a better safety professional and person. Refresh: Learn new ideas, approaches and theories, as well as at the same time look at ideas of the past that I may have not used recently. Renew:  the CSSE PDC builds on my network of friends and the individuals that are my go to resources and reliable confidants that make me a better safety professional.”

Share your reason for attending in the comments below.

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