Website Transition

Introducing Our New Website!



We are very pleased to announce the transition to the CSSE National platform for our Chapter website. There are many features that our Chapter will be using to make the most of your membership. Our web domain is the same, but our look has been updated. 

A few things that we wanted to let you know about the website:

SSO  (single sign on) - your National and Chapter accounts are synced into one; any members with double accounts will be merged to one profile. It is imperative to use the email you currently have attached to your CSSE profile. If a different email address is used to login into the system, it will think you are a new member and will create a new profile. You will know if this has occurred if none of your membership information appears on your profile once you have logged in. The SSO will also provide you access to CSSE Live - a central library for CSSE National and Chapter information such as documents, power points. If you are uncertain of your CSSE member email, please connect with us or contact national. If you are not a current CSSE member, but still active on our mailing list you can still create a profile on our Chapter site. This will enable you to receive our communications, and register for events; however your access to our Chapter member information will be limited.

CSSE Live - live streaming of meetings, events, training, and much more. This is a new feature at the national and chapter levels. We are very keen to start using this aspect to provide information to our members who may work out of town or travel. 

Events -  centralized process with automatic notifications of RSVP; payment and invoices linked to your profile. 

What's Happening - Our front page of the website will hold news and updates at the local Chapter level that will have our Twitter feed.

Engagement - members are able to comment on posts allowing interaction with the Board and other Chapter members. Social links will enable members to share information about our Chapter to other social media sites. note: linking your profile from other social media accounts will associate your profile picture to your CSSE account - if it is not a professional picture, you may consider updating it directly from your CSSE profile.

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