Communications - A Year In Review

Communications - A Year In Review


In September 2015, the revamped Communications Committee had their first kick-off meeting and set in motion the communication strategy for the last year. 

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The committee is made up of four volunteers who are dedicated to making the most of your membership through effective communications using a multi-platform strategy.

 As the Director of Communications, it is a privilege to work with these safety professionals who take time out of their busy day to tweet, blog, or email about our CSSE Chapter. The retweets, likes, comments, and replies are our volunteers, behind a laptop or mobile device, pausing in their day to interact with you because it is our intention to provide genuine engagement. Looking back this past year, we have increased our platforms (Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn) and transferred over to the new national website. This takes a lot of behind the scene work and intention, so I would like to take this time to personally thank the committee members for their commitment to the Chapter. 

Our Communication Plan has goals and objectives that were established in alignment to the national communication plan but with a focus on the Chapter and our local members. 

The overall goal is to ensure that CSSE Edmonton Chapter can effectively reach and react to its internal and external audiences in support of the Society’s overall communication objectives as established by the Board of Directors. The intention is to increase the membership engagement from current members; and create a communication strategy that encourages active participation in the Chapter or Society. 

The objectives of the communication plan are as follows: 

  • To align the communication from all parts of the Chapter to ensure consistent, positive messaging;
  • To provide guidance on what needs to be communicated and when that communication happens;
  • To increase visibility and awareness of the Society and its goals and objectives with a focus on the profession;
  • To enhance the level of member knowledge and understanding of the environment in which we operate as safety, health and environmental practitioners;
  • To provide recognition for organizations and individuals who support the Society and its members;
  • To communicate Society goals and objectives within our applicable legislative and educational communities;
  • To strengthen the relationship with members and potential members in order to retain existing members and attract new ones; and
  • To make the CHSC a highly-regarded standard for the hiring of safety, health and environmental practitioners

Within the plan are indicators to measure the success of the objective and the committee. One of the indicators was the membership interaction and feedback on our accounts; which has been positive and supportive. I am pleased to state that we have increased our interaction with other regional Chapters and are engaged with the national digital working group to align our strategy with national. The Edmonton Chapter is in the test group for the CSSE Live – a library for documents, presentations, videos, and live broadcasts. All of this has encouraged me to continue forward with our strategy of engagement.

Our next meeting will be discussing the last year in review as well as updating the strategy for the next year.I look forward to what is coming up and hope that you are too!

Aimee Arsenault - Director of Communications


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