CHSMSA Designation

CHSMSA Designation (Auditor Course)

The Auditing Association of Canada, AAC is hosting the upcoming training session for any auditor wishing to achieve the Certified Health and Safety Management System Auditor, CHSMSA, designation. The Auditing Association of Canada manages the CHSMSA designation and provides the required training courses to complete as part of the application process. Alberta Construction Safety Association is supplying the training facility for this event at the Edmonton Campus.

Training Date & Location:

  • February 5-9, 2018, 40 hours of training
  • Edmonton, Alberta – ACSA Campus, 225 Parsons Road SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0W6
  • Instructor: Wally Cook, Kestrel Resources
  • Instructor: Todd Hall, Executive Director Auditing Association of Canada

Training Course Costs:
The costs will be $1,200.00 plus GST for the training course and examination process.
After January 1, 2018, the cost will be $1320.00 plus GST.

More information about the event here: 

NOTE: CSSEYEG is not taking registration for this course; all inquiries must be made to the Auditing Association of Canada by contacting Doreen von Gradulewski at or 403-874-4107.

What is the process to achieve the CHSMSA designation?
The AAC registrar is there to assist you in determining your qualification for application to achieve your CHSMSA designation.
The application process can be completed once you complete the training requirements. This training course is required to be completed as part of your application process.

The exam process is outlined as follows:

  • Complete the training course (February 5-9, 2018)
  • Write and pass the course exam (February 9, 2018), closed book and multiple-choice, short answer exam
  • Complete your application (confirming you passed the course and qualify for the designation with auditing experience, education and experience with management system audits)
  • Write the CHSMSA exam*, closed book/proctored exam and a mixture of T/F, multiple-choice and short answer and 2 case studies. *If you have a CRSP designation, then you do not need to write the CHSMSA exam to achieve your CHSMSA designation, however, you will be required to undergo an interview.

How do I find out more information about AAC and the CHSMSA designation?
The following information is the contact information for Auditing Association of Canada. The registrar is available to assist you with the application process. You do not need to have your application completed prior to completing the training course and course exam, this is part of the application requirements.

Telephone: 1-866-582-9595 l  Website: l Email:

February 05, 2018 at 12pm - February 10, 2018
225 Parsons Rd SW
Edmonton, AB T6X0W6
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Doreen von Gradulewski · · 403-874-4107